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[월간소식] BIKN Monthly Report(Eng)
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BIKN Monthly Report

1st Edition(2010. 10 ~ 2010. 11)

published by BIKN

1. BIKN Activities

October - November period was the most active season for BIKN members except for during international events. BIKN steering committee discussed how to improve BIKN organization and what to do as its future activities. On 20th, we will further exchange our views on creating positions such as chief of steering committee and a secretariat, and ways to expand BIKN projects. Also, BIKN is setting its policies on various fields including public relations and BIKN youth movement as well as examining how to disseminate basic income discourse.

We decided to separate from the current DAUM webpage and move on to make our own homepage in order to manage our members efficiently and reach out to potential members. Mr. Han Dong Sung is working on this issue to complete the homepage by end of this year. The homepage will be a text-based webpage ensuring maximum access and minimum collection of individual information. DAUM webpage will be operating with the new homepage for a while.

2. G20 week, BIKN news

G20 agenda and counter-agenda of people's movement filled the month of November. In the face of ROK government's stringent measures, people's movement held discussion round-tables, press conferences and rallies criticizing the capitalists' attempt to shift the responsibility of crisis to people around the world. Some argued for an introduction of institutional measures such as financial transaction tax in order to control speculative unearned incomes.


[Image: Performance calling for "disestablishment of G20/tax on speculative unearned incomes/introduction of basic income"]

Along with people's movement against G-20, there were other demonstrations calling for a disorganization of G20, tax on speculative unearned income and introduction of basic income in Seoul. On the same day as National Workers' Demonstration was held in Seoul Square, activists at Myeong-dong intersection on 7 November held placards saying "We decide, you take responsibility" and "disestablishment of G20/tax on speculative unearned income/introduction of basic income". They also distributed thousands of leaflets claiming for the same demand. Same performances were observed in other places including Shin-chon. Anti-G20 march was organized on 11th and a statement of protest in the name of 'leftovers who habitually oppose to G20' was handed out. The copies of the statement were posted on the walls of many universities in Seoul, written in both Korean and Japanese. To see the statement, click the link.

[Click]"We decide! You take responsibility!"

On the second day of G20, BIKN announced a statement titled “Let's overcome the global economic crisis by introducing world basic income”. Mr Kwon Moon Suk drafted the statement by request from Mr Kang Nam Hoon, the BIKN chair, and other members of the steering committee overviewed the draft. To see the statement, click the link.

[Click]“Let's overcome the global economic crisis by introducing world basic income”


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